Ukrainian Orthodox Choir
and Orchestra of Saskatoon


"Lastiwka has developed a unique and vibrant style. Unlike other Ukrainian Canadian choirs, they actually sing the bilyi spiv (white singing) folk style endemic to choirs from Ukraine itself. This style is noted for the very broad tone of the singing. As well, the choir members show remarkable enthusiasm on stage, enhancing the melodies with their exuberant expressions."

- The Ukrainian News

LASTIWKA - Ukrainian Orthodox Youth Choir of Saskatoon

Formed in 1983, this energetic young ensemble has thrilled audiences across Canada.

United by a love of choral music and Ukrainian traditions, LASTIWKA has staged major concerts in Victoria, Chilliwack, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Minneapolis. The choir has toured extensively across Saskatchewan; has performed several times at VESNA FESTIVAL, the world's largest Ukrainian Cabaret; at Saskatoon's FOLKFEST; as guest artists with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra; and most recently, at CANADA'S NATIONAL UKRAINIAN FESTIVAL at Dauphin, Manitoba.

In 1986, LASTIWKA was honoured to perform in the Saskatchewan Pavilion and the Xerox International Theatre at EXPO 86 in Vancouver.

More recently, LASTIWKA has had the opportunity to tour Ukraine. In 2003 along with the Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble, LASTIWKA performed many concerts in cities across western Ukraine. These performances were an excellent opportunity to show that youth in Canada are still interested in the culture of their ancestors.

LASTIWKA 's debut recording - a self-titled album of Ukrainian folk music - was released in 1987 on vinyl disc and cassette. A second recording, released in 1994, showcases another part of the choir's repertoire.

Under the patronage of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, the choir has performed a variety of sacred music, from the piety of the Divine Liturgy to the majesty of Bortniansky's sacred a cappella concerti. LASTIWKA's second recording, available on compact disc and cassette, is a collection of traditional Ukrainian Christmas carols and Schedrivky.... "Songs for the Christmas Season."

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